Board of Directors

The Arts Center of Yates County is governed by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors. The Center is grateful for the immense contribution the Board makes in time and energy to make the Arts Center a growing, exciting and fulfilling art experience for all.

​Board members serve three-year terms and can be elected for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Meetings are the second Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM.

ACYC Bylaws

Updated 2022

Executive Director

Kris Pearson has been Executive Director of the Arts Center since May 2011, when she began working with Arts Center volunteers on the capital campaign that supported the organization’s move to its current Main Street location. With a background in rural community development and nonprofit fundraising, Kris cheerfully admits to knowing little about art but she nevertheless has a house filled with unique art because “I know what I like.” The results of her efforts to become more artistic by taking creative workshops through the Arts Center generally elicit guffaws from family and friends but leave her with a glow of accomplishment. Kris is very active in the community, working to ensure that the Arts Center remains an integral part of life in Yates County. Her Chocolate Labrador, Cara, can often be found in the Arts Center office and loves Kris despite her artistic shortcomings. (Cara loves EVERYONE!)


Daryl Davis

Toni Johnson
Vice President

Karen Moris

Anita Maroscher


Class of 2024

Kathy Ring
Deb Scharf

Class of 2025

Daryl Davis
George Dornberger
Caryl Flickinger
Pat Jackson
Anita Maroscher
Marianne Martin
Karen Morris

Class of 2026

Toni Johnson
Crissy McGinness
Karen Reed
Craig Sandberg
Diane Stratton-Smith