Face to Face

For Artists
Pick Up: Apr 19, 9a - 12p
Chair(s): Don Zelazny & Daryl Davis

Face to Face

March 12, 2024
- April 11, 2024
Reception: March 15, 2024

Often we are so caught up in the beauty of our surroundings that we may forget the “animated life” surrounding us in both human and animal form. Our Face to Face Show honors both the humor and the dignity of the “faces” which have been part of our heritage and which continue to supply us joy today.

Suzi Zefting Kuhn
Geoffrey Harding
For Artists
Pick Up: Apr 19, 9a - 12p
Chair(s): Don Zelazny & Daryl Davis

About the Artists

About Suze Zefting-Kuhn
Suzi Zefting-Kuhn cannot imagine her life if she was not an artist. Inspired by the work of nationally acclaimed artists like Burton Silverman, she works primarily with oil paint and has made a name for herself as a member and founder of many artist societies and clubs in New York State.

Even after so many years of experience, Suzi is proud to say that she learns new things about art every day. “If I’m not learning something when I create a piece of art,” she says, “I might as well not do it anymore”

Suzi’s first love is portraiture. As a “people person,” she tries to paint her subjects in a way that reveals who they are. Through her realistic style, Suzi’s goal is to capture the true essence of her subjects, not just their visual appearances. “I’d like for my audience to feel like they may be actually seeing that person.” She finds particular importance in eyes. “You can tell a lot from a person’s eyes. If they’re happy, you see it in their eyes. If they’re troubled, you see it in their eyes. That’s why I’m drawn to them.”

The faces in Suzi’s portfolio also include loving depictions of expressions found in the animal kingdom. She’s drawn to the unique beauty of exotic animals, particularly giraffes; “Their heads are so fascinating to me.” This connection was formed from visits to zoos all around the country and deepened during a trip to South Africa last year. Expect to see many of these adorable and exotic faces featured in the exhibit.

Suzi currently works in a studio in the Rochester Fedder Building. Learn more about her and her art from her website suzizefting-kuhn.com and her artist group at mainstreetartistsgallery.com.


About Geoffrey Harding
A Native of Western New York, Geoffrey Harding has long been fascinated with the lore of the woodland Indian, especially the Iroquois of upstate New York. Self-motivated and self directed, Harding began to draw and paint at a very young age and has developed a uniquely personal style in the years he has dedicated to creating his art. His devotion manifests itself in his obvious master of pencils, acrylics, watercolors and oils.

The artist currently lives and works in upstate New York. From his studio overlooking Lake Ontario, he derives inspiration from the surrounding landscape and his abiding love of nature. Plants, animals and natural
surroundings are his essential resources of imagery and inspiration. Correlating these with Native philosophies, he creates a reflection of a now-vanished way of life.

Growing up in the shadows of Fort Niagara exposed him to the history and intrigue of the 18th Century. His deep commitment and sincere connection to the Eastern Woodland Indian gives power and life to his paintings. Geoff feels that when you look into the eyes of his subjects you should be looking into their very souls. He exclusively uses Native people as models in order to insure the honesty and quality of his artwork. Harding participates in “Living History events” or re-enactments of the French and Indian and Revolutionary War periods throughout Western New York and Pennsylvania. His paintings have been long sought after as cover art for publications such as Muzzleloader Magazine, On The Trail, Susquehanna Life, Capstone Press and numerous book covers for Wennawoods publishing.