Fiber Arts

For Artists
Pick Up: Mar 11, 9a - 12p
Chair(s): Ann Lahr

Fiber Arts

February 6, 2024
- March 9, 2024

We are taking fiber art’s seriously here at the Arts Center of Yates County. Lisa DeFrancesco, Carol Huehn, Sylvia Apple & June Szabo will be exhibiting their work in the Fiber Arts Show

Lisa is a felting artist. She creates three dimensional and two dimensional pieces, mainly
landscape. Recently Lisa has been inspired by a few modern artists Arthur Dove and Georgia O’Keefe. Sylvia creates quilts, “quilted paintings in fiber”. Sylvia says her pieces can fit comfortably into a living space or enhance a business environment. Carol describes her work as fabric painting, collaging, and thread sketching. She likes to
creatively frame each piece. June enjoys working with fiber and wood, making landscape sculptures in wood and sculptures formed from panels of woven copper wire.

These artists are unique in their techniques and form. Some traditional. Some Contemporary. The focus of all Fiber Art is on color; texture; and form.

Come out and see this unique and captivating show. Find out what inspires these talented
artists. Tell them which piece is your favorite and why.

Carol Kuehn
Lisa DeFrancesco
June Szabo
Sylvia Apple

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For Artists
Pick Up: Mar 11, 9a - 12p
Chair(s): Ann Lahr

About the Artists

About June Szabo

For as long as I can remember I have made objects—when I was young, they were ephemeral. Permanence came with the discovery of needles, thread, fabric, wood, hammer, and nails. College graduation found me painting with watercolors selling my work in local shows, but the acquisition of an old house forced me to put down my paint brush and return to the hammer.

My house and children kept me working with fiber and wood. A return to college for a master’s degree found me taking all that the house had taught me to a concentration in sculpture. My love for painting landscapes took me to landscape sculptures in wood. The magic of weaving led to the production of sculpture formed from panels of woven copper wire.

I show my work in local and regional galleries in New York State. I have been accepted in several museum shows including: The Everson, Cooperstown, Munson Williams Proctor, Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, Arnot Art Museum, the Schweinfurth and the Museum of the Earth. I will always make art. I have come to understand it is part of who I am and how I respond to what is happening in the world. I believe my life is inexplicably entwined with lives beyond my own. Physically and spiritually, I am woven into the living process of the earth unable to escape those connections any more than I can
escape breathing the air. Art is my way of examining my relationship to nature, to the earth and to others.

About Sylvia Apple

Sylvia Apple has been an artist for over forty years. The natural world with its mystical qualities is a major source of her imagery. Elements such as water, air, earth and fire play an important symbolic role in this imagery. Her study abroad of ancient pictographs and stone carvings has greatly affected her visual work. At the same time, modern artists such as Matisse and VanGogh and O’Keefe inspire her.

In her Seneca Lake studio Sylvia creates paintings on canvas, “quilted paintings in fiber”, and does sculpture as well as painted beach boards. She has also written six books, which are available on Amazon.com. For a recent exhibit at Billsboro Winery she chose paintings inspired by life on the Seneca Lake. Her philosophy is that art should be an integral part of people’s lives, rather than isolated objects on museum walls or pedestals. To this end, she works in mixed media, making pieces that can fit comfortably into a living space or enhance the business environment.

A graduate of Penn State University in Integrative Arts, Sylvia has exhibited her work in
numerous national exhibits and competitions. Most recently she had an exhibit of her quilts at the National Women’s Rights Museum in Seneca Falls NY. Her quilts have won awards in the American Quilter’s Society shows, The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Shows and at Crafts National. Also, she has worked on commissions for the White House, the William Penn Museum and numerous private and professional collections around the country. In 2002 she was invited to assemble a solo show at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah Kentucky. Sylvia has taught many classes and workshops, but still sees herself as a student of life, as well as of art.

About Lisa DeFrancesco

Lisa uses versatility of felt work to create pieces in both the second and third dimensions.  One of Lisa’s inspirations is Arthur Dove, often considered the first American abstract painter.  Dove was a native of Canandaigua and went to Hobart College before studying at Cornell University.  Lisa is an active participant in The Dove Block Project, a community arts center and gallery in Geneva dedicated to his legacy.

About Carol Kuehn

Carol practices multiple types of fiber artwork, including fabric painting, collaging, and thread sketching.  The philosophy of her work is that it should interesting and fun to look at.  Carol has been working with the medium her whole life, and today finds inspiration in her home on Keuka Lake.

Though Carol claims to have a basic technique, she says “I’ve discovered that there can be a magic with fabric and thread tht lets them become something greater than the sum of their parts.”  Her work is accentuated by her creative framing techniques.