Art Heals

Art Heals


The Arts Center (along with many, many other businesses and organizations in the area) may be temporarily closed for business – but there’s an opportunity here to continue in our mission to enrich the lives of Yates County residents, artists and visitors by providing opportunities for active participation in the arts. Think about it – all these people that are being asked to “shelter in place” or required to “self-isolate” or even spend a couple weeks in quarantine – and what can they do to fight fear, boredom, and social isolation? Have you been wondering what you can do to help with the coronavirus situation? This is where the healing benefits of art come in! It’s a chance for people to give art a try…not in any big way but in small steps.

To this end, we’d welcome your creative projects that we can post and send through social media – nothing big or complex or long term – but little exercises that are fun and lead to success with supplies on hand. For instance – carving a bar of soap, a Zentangle that someone could print out and color in, a tutorial in basic knitting techniques, how to create an easy quilt square or a collage, calligraphy, paper cutting, origami, blending colors using paints, watercolor pencils or crayons, painting on wine bottles, working with polymer clay to create beads, how to draw a _____ (fill in the blank)….whatever you think might be a fun and easy introduction to the art you love to create. Your project can be for adults or kids or adults AND kids…and broken down into simple steps – maybe with illustrations or, if you’re feeling fancy, an accompanying video. Email them to us at artscenteryates@gmail.org – we’ll pass them on through email (on “Try It Tuesdays” and “Try It Thursdays”), our website and other social media. Be sure and include your name and website if you have one – this is a good way to familiarize people with who you are and what you do! We think, once the current situation passes, we’ll have developed a bunch of people who are interested in learning more about art.

Feel free to pass this along as well – let’s have some fun! -Kris