TRY IT THURSDAY – April 16, 2020

TRY IT THURSDAY – April 16, 2020


The severity of our cabin fever might have something to do with staring at the same four (or eight or however many) walls for days on end. A way to lessen that cabin fever might simply to start looking at things in a new way or see things in a different light. Our own Bonnie Barney suggests rearranging all the artwork on your walls to give your space a new look. As photographer Howard LeVant suggested last week, wandering around with a camera may help you see objects you take for granted in a new way (and, if you have a telephoto lens, spot dirt and grime you may have missed despite countless cleaning flurries…).

Painter Dick Kane has another idea for refreshing your view:

“You may, like me have cabin fever by now…especially if you love getting out to paint. I just wanted to share with you a couple of projects suggested to me by my wife Rita…they are sometimes referred to as ” honey -dos “. But I HAVE TO TELL YOU I ACTUALLY ENJOYED DOING IT. Two small tables were gathering dust in the garage or wherever and Rita suggested me doing a painting on their tops…a good way to cover up a few dings etc. So out with the sandpaper, GESSO, AND GOLDEN ACRYLICS. I decided to paint narrative paintings of places I have been with family….on both coasts…from memory. Both special places and memories. The oval table is Bass Rocks in Gloucester, MA., and the rectangle table is Carmel by the sea ,Big Sur CA. { family members are ” in ” on both.}. So the two small tables were given a new life. You may have something in your garage or basement waiting to become a product of our unfortunate quarantine. Have fun doing it…I did.”

Dick is a favorite exhibiting artist and instructor not just at the Arts Center but at galleries around the region. He was the Arts Center’s “artist of the year” last year and one of his paintings was the design for last year’s Keuka Arts Festival poster. He’s a man who almost always has a paintbrush in his hand and a look of creative inspiration in his eyes.

Why not give it a try and see what happens!