The world can seem like a pretty scary place right now – and there’s not much relief to be had via television, the internet or even long walks by yourself (poor Cara is starving for someone to visit with besides Kris – as those of you who’ve met her at the Arts Center know, she’s a VERY social dog). However, art is excellent for lifting spirits and turning thoughts and energy in new and positive directions. With that in mind, for this “Try It Thursday” we’re recommending an activity that Arts Center Exhibits Committee Chair Susan Peck brought to our attention.


The Getty Museum in California (we’re not the only ones who recognize the positive benefits of art!) has challenged people to “recreate” famous works of art using three objects they find in their home. Susan recreated one of the Getty Collection’s Madonna and Child paintings by the unknown “Master of St. Cecilia”. She obviously went all out – it’s almost a perfect match!

Why not give it a try? Find a piece of art (maybe one created by one of our fine local artists – check out some of their work on our website www.artscenteryatescounty.org – just click on your favorite artists) and try to recreate it. For examples of what others around the country have been doing, check out https://www.facebook.com/gettymuseum/posts/10158231504365097 . Be sure and send us pictures of your re-creations at artscenteryates@gmail.com or post them to our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Be creative, have fun and in the immortal words of Sandra Boynton – artist, illustrator, lyricist and author – “don’t let the turkeys get you down!”