Have cabin fever? Going stir crazy? The artists and instructors at the Arts Center of Yates County want to do their part to help while away your hours at home in a fun and productive way. Welcome to our first “Try It Thursday.”

Art is not limited to drawing and painting – in fact, everyone is creative in some way. Explore the best outlet for your creative spirit by giving art a try!

Today’s project comes courtesy of Roycraft Renaissance Master Artisan and former Arts Center featured artist Laura Wilder (yes, a distant cousin of “that” Laura Wilder’s husband). Laura’s complex and meticulously designed arts and crafts style images and block prints are very popular at the Arts Center and many regional craft shows. She invites you to download and print these images and color them yourselves – use crayons, paints, colored pencils, or whatever you have on hand. To see more of Laura’s work, visit her website at https://laurawilder.com .

Did you know a number of museums and artists actually have “color our collection” coloring pages and books that can be ordered and downloaded online? Check some of the out at https://mymodernmet.com/free-coloring-pages-color-our-collections/

Skeptical of just how “artistic” someone can be using crayons? The Arts Center’s own Marsha Devine will amaze you with the answer when we reschedule her “Creating with Crayolas” class later this year. Check out our website, www.artscenteryatescounty.org for more details!

Art has documented health benefits. Why not give it a try?