TRY IT TUESDAY – June 9, 2020

TRY IT TUESDAY – June 9, 2020


We started the month of June under a “strawberry moon” – the title for this month’s full moon celebrating the growth of and hope for the (eventual) harvest of fresh local strawberries. There is a beauty to cultivated fields, a real art to flower cultivation and even more thought into some serious garden layouts. Passing by Rose II Freedom’s garden on Clinton Ave always lifts spirits and inspires awe. Local painters are using our better weather to flock to Borglum’s Iris Farm and anticipating this year’s riot daylilies at Grace Gardens.

Arts Center exhibiting artist Pat Jackson is also a gardener and, while prohibited from weeding and heavy lifting for a bit this spring, she came up with this fun and easy way to add a little sparkle to her gardens. Using cut glass bowls, vases and drinking glasses purchased at yard sales and thrift shops, Pat created her own mushroom garden. She recommends using E6000 clear glue to attach the inverted bowls to the bottom of glass vases or tall drinking glasses.

Creativity is springing up all over! Why not give it a try?