If you’re heartily sick of cleaning the house, obsessively watching the news and surfing the net or worrying about your toilet paper running out, fear not! The artists and instructors at the Arts Center of Yates County invite you to try something a bit more fun and creative on this, our first “Try It Tuesday.”

Our goal is to provide you with creative project ideas that even the most “unartistic” among us (yes, that would refer to Kris) can attempt. There’s a documented connection between art and mental and physical health. Why not take some time to give it a try?

Today’s project suggestion is courtesy of popular local painter (and, obviously, wine connoisseur) Bonnie Barney. Bonnie suggests finding an old, unused frame from the attic or basement, some gorilla glue and wine corks no longer in bottles to create a fun and unique cork board (on which to pin notes, ideas, or the results of your “try it” projects). She points out that part of the fun is freeing up more corks to finish the project (or create something else!). Assuming we’re able to get out and about at some point, Bonnie is scheduled to teach “Painting Your First Watercolor Landscape” on June 3, 4 & 6. Check out our website, www.artscenteryatescounty.org , for more information on that class.

Send us a picture of your finished project or post it to our Facebook page. Watch for another “give it a try” suggestion on Thursday (you have to love that alliteration!).