As a nonprofit organization, our ability to offer opportunities for active participation in the arts to area residents, artists, and visitors is highly dependent upon the ongoing involvement of our many friends. We’re deeply grateful to members and other donors who so generously support the Arts Center, and to our amazing volunteers.

​In addition, many members make other special contributions to the Center. Contributions support operations at the Main Street Arts Center and Flick Gallery and at the Keuka Lake Sunny Point location, programs such as creative workshops for all levels and interests, and other special events like poetry readings, children’s activities, and more! We invite you to play a vital role in our ongoing mission to provide quality affordable programs to our community and its visitors by becoming a member of the Arts Center.

If you wish to make a gift to the Arts Center, or include it in your estate planning, you may donate directly to the Arts Center of Yates County:

​You may further support the Arts Center through other contributions:

  • Gifts to honor a birthday or other special event
  • Memorial gifts
  • Donations for capital improvements
  • Instructional workshop scholarships
  • Program sponsorship
  • Planned gifts

Create a Legacy through Planned Giving

Consider providing for an investment in the future of the Arts Center of Yates County while meeting your current personal, family, and financial needs. Through planned giving, you can provide meaningful remembrance of a loved one who appreciated the arts, and perhaps enjoy specific tax advantages, often allowing you to make larger gifts than you thought possible.

​The following are examples of planned gifts:

  1. ​Contribute to the Arts Center of Yates County through a gift of cash or other items of value: Appreciated stock, paid-up life insurance policies, land, buildings, art, or other property are viable endowment gifts with possible tax advantages.
  2. Endow a Memorial Fund: Make a charitable gift to the Arts Center of Yates County in honor of an important person of event in your life with an unrestricted gift or to support a specific project.
  3. Include a Bequest in your will: You may specify a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate, or include the Arts Center of Yates County as a contingent beneficiary in your will, retirement life insurance programs.
  4. Invest in a Donor Advised Fund: Ask your investment advisor or contact the Arts Center for information on establishing a fund from which you may make investments which grow tax-free as long as the funds are used for charitable contributions. Establish annual contributions and a bequest portion to be given to the Arts Center.
  5. List the Arts Center of Yates County as Beneficiary in your Tax-Vulnerable Qualified Plans.
  6. Set up a Charitable Lead Trust or Charitable Remainder Trust.

Please note that we encourage you to talk with your tax advisor and legal representative about the above types of giving. We look forward to working together with you and your advisors. The Arts Center of Yates County is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.